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Crystals Production:

PCI Manufacturing Division, Inc. has its production facilities in the United States, Pacific Rim, and Europe. Our combined output capacity is in the millions of quartz components and LCD products per month.

PCI stocks thousands of different frequencies of crystals for Motorola, NEC, Uniden, Philips, Everon, Nixxo, Intek, Diva Telecom, Telson, Global Access, and other recognized pager brands in the 900, UHF and VHF bands. Our goal is to always have your frequencies ready for immediate shipment. However, for guaranteed high volume deliveries please use product projection forms. PCI consistently manufactures quality and fully aged crystals in approximately four weeks. Call for competitive flat rate contract pricing.


We highly value you as a customer and our goal is to develop long-term business with your company. Our production facilities have decades of crystal manufacturing experience. This, coupled with accurate & reliable production in our clean rooms, ensures consistent and stable crystals for the life of the paging unit. All crystals pass full Quality Control Inspections. Our aging process ensures a high and low temperature stability and minimal aging deviation (<3 ppm per year).


We continually serve many nationally & internationally recognized Radio Common Carriers (RCC’s) and numerous paging repair facilities, who have a high regard for our products as well as for our conscientious staff.

LCDs (Liquid Crystal Displays) & Bonders:

At PCI we maintain an extensive inventory of high quality aftermarket & original LCDs for Motorola, Uniden, NEC, Panasonic, Everon, Nixxo, Maxon, Samsung, and Intek. We currently carry over 60 style types. Durable, easy to use LCD bonder compatible with 26 pager types.

Original Capcode Programming Devices:

All types of manufacturer’s original capcode programming devices are stocked, and ready to ship, for Motorola, NEC, Uniden, Panasonic, Everon, Nixxo, Maxon, Shinwa, Intek, Diva Telecom, and Philips. Product support is provided to assist in the initial setup and use.

Pagers, Promotional Items & Alkaline Batteries:

We carry a full line of Motorola and NEC Numeric and Alpha-Numeric Pagers, as well as Point Of Purchase merchandise (POP). Our warehouse pager inventory consists of NEC, Motorola, and other pager brands. Call for low competitive pricing. We also stock Eveready and Duracell Batteries.

Password Code Breakers & Cradles:

PCI is the authorized distributor of password removing and enabling devices for Motorola, NEC, Uniden, and other recognized pager brands of which we stock the entire line and carry the latest versions available. We provide product support to assist you in the setup and initial use of the product.

Pager Accessories & Replacement Parts:

We carry a vast inventory of original and aftermarket cabinet refurbish kits, high quality chains, premium leather cases, and many commonly asked for pager receiver and decoder board replacement parts such as trimmer caps, vibe motors, switches, lamps, filters, boots, and much more.

Bench Specialty Tools, Equipment & Supplies:

We stock many popular brand products for the pager and cellular repair bench from magnifier lights to OEM tuning tools and supplies.

OEM Service Manuals:

We carry theory, maintenance, and schematic manuals for Motorola, NEC, Uniden, Panasonic, Everon, Nixxo, Intek, Maxon, and Samsung covering most pager models.


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